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The way we support families with sleep has evolved

More and more families are reaching out for sleep support, and receiving conflicting information online that jars with their instinct and doesn’t feel right👎🏻. Parents are the experts on their children, and yet so often they feel under-confident after accessing mainstream sleep information.

With the online sleep space becoming crowded, it’s even more important to stand out and capture the attention of parents for all the right reasons, disrupt the sleep narrative and empower parents.

In this free event, we’re going to show you why our unique way of supporting families with sleep is changing the lives of families, changing the way they think about sleep, and changing relationships.

Using our Holistic Sleep Blueprint you are going to discover some of the amazing ways our Holistic Sleep Coaching Graduates have been supporting families – from adding sleep to their current service offering, to building an incredible career as a Holistic Sleep Coach.

AND… we’re going to show you how to stand out online in a way that is authentic and with ease!

Enjoy a week of free online training and expert coaching

Discover how disrupting mainstream sleep narratives supports families

Parents may be confused and conflicted about how to handle sleep based on the mainstream sleep narratives that are abundant online. Lyndsey is going to teach you how you can disrupt this narrative, giving parents back their confidence and support them towards calmer, more empowered parenting – without sleep training.

Learn how sleep training isn't the only way and how to stay gentle in a crisis

Sometimes reassurance and encouragement isn’t enough when a family is in a sleep crisis. In this workshop, Lyndsey shares what a sleep crisis looks and feels like for families, as well as some of the tools and options that you can share with families to help them feel more rested without resorting to non-responsive techniques.

Learn how online marketing has evolved and what you need to do to stand out online and attract your dream clients

During this workshop Emma shares how successful businesses have evolved and why they had to. As well as how to capture your audience’s attention and attract your dream clients in a way that feels authentic and with ease. 

So you know you are in great hands.....

Kathryn Stagg

Kathryn Stagg
IBCLC, Breastfeeding Twins and Triplets UK Group

This course promotes a very parent centred approach and is very adaptable to each family’s situation. I have already incorporated these ideas into my work!

Caroline Zwierchowska-Dod

Caroline Zwierzchowska-Dod
Doula & Maternity Nurse

This course champions the understanding of normal infant and child behaviours. My clients have been very happy with sleep outcomes as a result.

Pascale Rochefeuille

Pascale Rochefeuille
Sleep Coach

The Holistic Sleep Coaching Program has given me the confidence to start this new adventure reaching out to a wider audience and helping more families in need.

Rozanne Hay

Rozanne Hay
International Association of Child Sleep Consultants UK Representative

The Holistic Sleep Coaching Program is an innovative and refreshing approach for those seeking to refine their sleep skill-set, encompassing a broad range of essential topics which impact a child’s healthy sleep habits.

Helen Ball

Professor Helen Ball
Lecturer in Anthropology at Durham University

The Holistic Sleep Coaching Program is a comprehensive training programme for practitioners seeking in-depth knowledge of infant sleep and related topics.

Amy Brown

Dr Amy Brown
Professor of Child Public Health, Swansea University

This course is supported by a sound evidence base of up to date literature, and is easy and enjoyable to follow, using a variety of techniques and different approaches to support learners.

Got questions about the event?

What date does the event start?

The event starts on Monday 27th September and will take place for 1 week – you’ll want to make sure you sign up today so you don’t miss out on the action!

Do I need to have any experience to take part?

We make it easy for anyone at any level to enjoy our training, plus you’ll have plenty of coaching calls to ask your individual questions.

When are the training sessions?

Once you’re signed up you’ll receive the full schedule as to when we are releasing our workshops and running live Q&A’s – you’ll be able to catch up on the recordings for a limited time.

Does it cost anything to take part?

Nope, not a dime! Our special free event is something that we do twice a year and it doesn’t cost anything to take part. But free doesn’t mean low value… we put a lot of effort into making this event amazing for our audience, so treat it like you paid for it and you’ll get the most from the experience.

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