Lucy Bagwell

Holistic Sleep Coach
Lucy came into the training with zero experience or knowledge of the sleep world or in business.
Completing the Holistic Sleep Coaching Program and implementing the business support provided has helped her build her Instagram following to over 12,000 and create a business she loves that works around her family life.

Karla Legg

Holistic Sleep Coach

Through a combination of business support and completing the comprehensive Holistic Sleep Coaching Program,  Karla went from 6 clients in 6 months to 6 clients in a week, and a waitlist. 

Karla’s passion is empowering mothers and building confidence in parenting, in a world of information overload and unrealistic expectations society places on baby and parenting behaviour, taking a take a holistic, cultural and integrated approach to sleep.

Consuela Hendriks

Psychologist and Sleep Coach

With over 20 years experience working in the field of mental health, the Program added value to her existing evidence based training and experience for providing consultations to her clients to guide their little ones to better sleep. 

Client Testimonials

Fiona Lang-Sharpe

IBCLC, Director of Communications GOLD Learning Online Education, Holistic Sleep Coach
Fiona was not 100% confident in providing the best client care when it came to sleep, prior to completing the Holistic Sleep Coaching Program. 
Now she is able to support families using wholly trusted evidence based information. 

Joy Mactavish

IBCLC, Holistic Sleep Coach
Joy completed the Holistic Sleep Coaching Program in Spring 2021. 
As an experienced IBCLC and family support practitioner, Joy has been able to use the program to draw all her experience and knowledge together to provide holistic sleep coaching in as she continues to support families in her care. 

Kathryn Stagg

IBCLC, Holistic Sleep Coach
Kathryn went from providing solely breastfeeding support as an IBCLC with a special interest in twin support, to running a successful business providing supplemetary sleep guidance and support after completing the Holistic Sleep Coaching Program. 

Aarti Mehta

Holistic Sleep Coach

I was looking to expand my skillset to support parents better. There were so many sleep courses out there. The Holistic Sleep Coaching Program is the most comprehensive course with such an impressive list of speakers.

The online modules are so user friendly with course content available to read and listen to. The course is thoroughly evidence based, and provides knowledge beyond sleep on a huge range of topics.

Nadia Edwards

Holistic Sleep Coach
For me it was a degree level professional education on everything you need to know about sleep, not just a philosophy to follow, the course introduced me to some very creative ways to support families to sleep better that supports the attachment of children. If you are thinking about doing the course you won’t be disappointed, it is packed full of value, is always updated with new information and functions to make our work easier. I’ve done lots of training and courses and hands down this is the most comprehensive.

Dawn Grey

Holistic Sleep Coach and Newborn Specialist

What I loved most about HSCP is the invaluable and thoroughly in-depth training provided by Lyndsey and the speakers delivering their varying content to the course. I love the community and the ongoing support by all the team and students/graduates. The feeling of believing that ‘everyone has your back’ is incredibly reassuring.

Rachael Taylor

Holistic Sleep Coach
Having completed other sleep courses, I signed up for the Holistic Sleep Coaching Program as I didn’t feel I had the knowledge I needed to support my clients in the way they needed. The Holistic program goes into areas that other courses just don’t touch, and as a result, this course has given me the breadth and depth of knowledge I was really looking for.

Jemma Munford

Holistic Sleep Coach and Baby Massage Instructor
It changes lives. I love unpicking complicated situations, I love figuring out what options suit individual families. I get a huge sense of fulfillment when parents start enjoying their children again, when they get that light bulb moment where it all makes sense and they feel confident as a parent once again. There’s nothing better.

Emily Guiver

Holistic Sleep Coach and Newborn Specialist

It’s the best investment you can make in your ongoing training, if you enjoy working in a truly gentle and evidence based way with families. And the support network is second to none!

Expert Testimonials

Professor Amy Brown

Professor of Child Public Health, Swansea University and Author.
This will be a really useful course for anyone working to support families with babies and young children around issues such as sleep, but also broader issues that can be affected so easily by disrupted sleep.

Professor Helen Ball

Lecturer in Anthropology at Durham University 
The Holistic Sleep Coaching Program, designed and delivered by Lyndsey Hookway, is a comprehensive training programme for practitioners seeking in depth knowledge of infant sleep and related topics (e.g. feeding difficulties, SIDS, temperament, anxiety, allergies, sleep pathologies). The content is evidence-based and includes guest lectures from well-known experts in these fields.

Rozanne Hay

International Association of Child Sleep Consultants UK Representative
The Holistic Sleep Coaching Program in an innovative and refreshing approach for those seeking to refine their sleep skill-set, encompassing a broad range of essential topics which impact a child’s healthy sleep habits.