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What would change for you if you could support even more families with sleep?

If you had the skills and confidence to take on more complex cases?

If you could cherry-pick the families you work with?

If you could support parents to be calmer, confident and more empowered in their time of need?

If you could grow an enjoyable, profitable sleep coaching businessand finally make the impact you set out to make?

If you are supporting families with sleep then it's likely that you have seen many parents being sold the dream of gentle sleep, only to find that it is nothing of the sort.

Well, let us share a little (not-so-secret) secret.

You probably already know a good way to support families with sleep challenges is to offer them gentle strategies that feel like a good fit with their parenting style.

But what if we said this is only a tiny piece of the puzzle?

If we distill sleep support down to a range of sleep strategies, we are missing the point of being truly holistic and responsive. A holistic approach is so much more than the range of sleep strategies in our tool kit.

In the Holistic Sleep Coaching Program we do things differently. Our industry-renowned training supports our students to be able to support families with sleep in a way that gets results, without resorting to non-responsive techniques, which conflict with their
responsive parenting beliefs.

What can you achieve with the

Holistic Sleep Coaching Program?

Work with more complex cases

As well as being theoretically grounded, the course is also highly practical. We spend time reviewing real life case studies and consultations in order to help you feel confident as a Holistic Sleep Coach. 

Choose the families you work with

Learn and develop the skills needed to empower parents to feel great in their parenting journey, and for families to feel more connected.

Be part of a network of like minded Sleep Coaches

Join a growing number of professionals who are passionate about gentle parenting and responsive feeding alongside sleep optimisation.

Support parents to be calmer and more confident

Learn the underpinning theory and knowledge that will help you identify more complex problems and work with families who really need your expert care and compassion.

Clarity + Strategy + Action to be known as a Specialist

We'll give you expert coaching to help you achieve your goals in all areas of business.

Attract the client you want to work with and grow a tribe of super fans!

We'll give you all the strategies to not only attract customers as an in-demand sleep coach, but also how to build a community online.

What’s included in our

OCN Level 6 Holistic Sleep Coaching Program

community (2)

Holistic Sleep Coaching Community

The Holistic Sleep Coaching Community is where you get to hang out with Lyndsey, Emma and the members of the Holistic Sleep Coaching Program.

Lyndsey runs an interactive live facebook Q&A every week during the program where she answers your juicy questions from the course, and we are all there to interact with you on a daily basis.



Weekly coaching calls with industry experts

Our training does not just cover the basics. Each week during our in-depth live webinars you will be taught by renowned guest speakers, who will be sharing their experience and providing you with practical strategies that you can implement in your practice.

Our interactive webinar sessions take place in the evenings and are recorded so that you can watch the replays at your convenience later date.


Step by step practice-based learning

The Holistic Sleep Coaching Program is the most comprehensive sleep coaching program available internationally, with over 100 hours of content available, that you get lifetime access to. We do not just teach you WHAT to do, we teach you WHY, so that you can feel confident that you are giving your clients the best possible support.

As well as being theoretically grounded, the course is also highly practical. We spend time reviewing real-life case studies and consultations in order to help you feel confident as a Holistic Sleep Coach, no matter what situations you encounter. Your clients want to look to you as the expert, and we give you the training to make that happen.


Ongoing Continued Professional Development

We understand the importance of having the right support around you to ensure you succeed as a sleep coach and that’s why our support goes far beyond the 16-week course! We are unique in the fact that we provide our graduates with free ongoing support after they have graduated. We run quarterly continued professional development training, and you will be part of our graduate community where you can receive ongoing support from course leaders and your peers when working with clients.

Untitled design (5)

Access to marketing specialists

We understand that learning what’s required to be a sleep coach is only one part of the equation. To accelerate your success, we dedicate a week to supporting you to build your business. We bring in renowned marketing specialists including a social media strategist, mindset coach, marketing and tech strategist.

Untitled design (7)

Swipes and resources

You will also receive downloadable course materials that we have used in our practice supporting clients internationally, including terms of conditions, a sleep diary, sleep plan, code of conduct as well as marketing resources. We take all the guesswork out of it and give you our tried and tested resources.

Holistic Sleep Coaching
Training Modules


Let us show you what’s waiting inside the Holistic Sleep Coaching Program when you join us.

Week 1


The primary attachment figure and the attachment relationship that a child has will shape their lifelong experiences and chances. This module will guide you to feel confident in supporting attachment when working with families, in a multitude of circumstances. 

Week 2

Introduction to Sleep and Family Centred Care

As holistic and family centred sleep coaches, it is important to understand the wider variables that can contribute to parental tiredness so that we can improve other factors as well as children’s sleep, in order to get the best outcomes for our families. There are many practical solutions to helping parents with their tiredness once we understand the causes.

Week 3

Sleep Biology

Humans spend one third of their lives asleep, and newborns spend up to 70% of their day asleep.  Despite the lack of consensus on the reasons why humans need sleep, one fact is certain – we feel terrible without it!

Week 4

Sleep Cycles Across
the Lifespan

Throughout the duration of sleep, the architecture changes, cycling through different stages of sleep. Different stages of sleep are associated with different features, and this module will dig deep into sleep theory and terminology to help you unpick sleep diaries for your clients. 

Week 5

Sleep Hygiene, Bedtime Routines, and the Optimal Sleep Environment

In this module we take you through why sleep hygiene can affect the quality and quantity of sleep for better or worse, and how bed time routines can be optimised.

Week 6

Sleep Strategies

Learn about how to consult with clients, from choosing and using sleep solutions to communicating with the family appropriately to manage their expectations. In this module we lay bare all the existing research and show you why there is no evidence that controlled crying and cry it out methods work. 

Week 7

Child Temperament,
Development, Behaviour
and Parenting

Not all strategies for sleep will work with all children, and therefore being aware of each child’s personality will have an influence on the success of the sleep solution chosen.

Week 8

Feeding Problems,
Reflux, Colic and Wind

One of the challenges for families is the lack of consistent advice, or encountering conflicting advice about feeding. We know that feeding problems can be interlinked with sleep problems. In this module we look at when and how it is appropriate to refer parents for  support if you suspect a feeding issue.

Week 9

Food, Eating and Nutrition

Whether a child is exclusively breast or bottle fed with milk alone, or they are eating a varied solid family food diet, the emotional and psychological issues remain. It is very important to have a right relationship with food from as early as possible.

Week 10

Allergies and Intolerance

The human body will recognize millions of different of proteins every day, but not all of them are deemed to be a threat. But why are some people more allergic than others? And why is allergy become more common? And how does allergy and intolerance impact sleep?

Week 11


There are many conditions that affect sleep, either directly or indirectly. In this module you will learn how to to support holistic wellness for acute, chronic, inherited and acquired health conditions. 

Week 12

Anxiety and Sleep

One of the body’s natural coping mechanisms for dealing with anxiety is sleep. An anxious brain dealing with persistent stress is not very good at switching off and being relaxed enough to sleep. Learn the many ways in which sleep, wellbeing, and function can be affected by anxiety, and how you can help both children and adults alleviate their anxiety to improve sleep. 

Week 13

Sensory and Special Needs

At least 50% of children with special educational needs or disabilities (such as Down Syndrome, Autistic Spectrum Disorder, and global developmental delay) have sleep problems, so as a holistic sleep coach you will occasionally work with families who care for a child with a disability.  You will learn about these disabilities and how they impact sleep, as well as sleep strategies that can help children with sensory or special needs. 

Week 14

Race and Culture

This BRAND NEW module for 2021 will take learners through sleep across different cultures, and how to be culturally sensitivity in practice. The Holistic Sleep Coaching Program is proud to deliver this module from guest speaker, activist and IBCLC Nekisha Killings. 

Week 15

Business and Marketing

The business world has evolved and we must adapt! This module will take you through all the ins and outs of working legally and responsibly as a sleep coach, how to price your products, and looking at the different strategies that can be used to ensure that you are seen as an authority figure, can be seen as likeable by your target market (e.g. parents) and therefore trusted.  

Bonus Module


This essential lesson will give you a comprehensive overview of how to become an active listener; culture, ethnicity, race and gender equality and diversity awareness; how to manage and reduce complaints; networking and develop efficient ways of working to communicate more effectively. 

Module 9

and Intolerance

  1. Allergies and sleep
  2. Lactose intolerance

Module 9

Child and Family Anxiety

  1. How does anxiety affect sleep?
  2. Which children are at risk for anxiety problems
  3. ​How do we help anxious children?
  4. ​Which adults are at risk for anxiety problems
  5. ​Simple strategies to recommend to help alleviate adult anxiety

Our Holistic Sleep Program graduates are doing amazing things

Sian Aldis

Sian Aldis

IBCLC & Sleep Coach

My work has literally quadrupled since completing the training and I now have a sustainable business.The marketing week was a lifechanger. I previously thought I had this figured out with a reasonable social media following that was bringing in work, but it has really changed how I operate in my business and my life! I now truly value myself and the time I give families properly.

Rachael Taylor

Rachael Taylor

Sleep Coach

Having completed other sleep courses I signed up for the Holistic Sleep Coaching Program as I didn't feel I had the knowledge I needed to support my clients in the way they needed. The Holistic program goes into areas that other courses just don't touch, and as a result, this course has given me the breadth and depth of knowledge I was really looking for.

Caroline Zwierzchowska-Dod

Caroline Zwierzchowska-Dod

Doula & Maternity Nurse

This course champions the understanding of normal infant and child behaviours. My clients have been very happy with sleep outcomes as a result of this.

Join our VIP list and when you join receive the following early bird bonuses

HSC Cards 1

Holistic Sleep Starter Kit

The Holistic Sleep Coaching Starter Kit contains our done-for-you resources including templates for Sleep Diaries, Terms & Conditions, Sleep Plans, the Holistic Sleep Coaching Professional Code of Conduct and five cheat sheets you can use to help you start your business as a Sleep Coach. Not only do you receive the templates but we talk you through the basics of using these templates in Canva to shortcut your learning.

Value - £99

HSC Cards 2

Troubleshooting masterclass

In this Masterclass, we share the main challenges you are likely to encounter in your work as a Sleep Coach, including causes of sleep problems, assessing sleep problems and knowing when you need to refer. This Masterclass also contains case studies for you to work through to boost your confidence.

Value - £99

HSC Cards 3

Nightfeeds Masterclass

In this masterclass we cover some of the myths that still exist about night feeding and waking, and also some of the benefits of night waking. We address when night waking or night feeding might potentially be a problem and what we might be able to do about it.

Value - £99

HSC Cards 4

The Sleep Gene Masterclass

This masterclass shares current thinking around the extent to which sleep, health and behaviour is affected by our genes. We share with you some up to date research about epigenetics and the ways in which epigenetics may affect us all, as well as some risk-free ideas to suggest to families that will make epigenetics go from purely fascinating to practical and implementable in your work.

Value - £99

HSC Cards 5

How to become the go-to sleep coach in your market.

In this live masterclass, we address how to stand out online, when everything feels saturated. We share the tried and tested strategies that will help you to stand out online and build momentum in your business with ease.

Value - £99

Meet the founders of the
Holistic Sleep Coaching Program

Lyndsey and Emma have worked together for many years, teaching childcare and health professionals internationally. They started with running short sleep courses, but recognised the need for an in-depth course that addressed the many areas that affect families’ sleep from colic, allergies, feeding to sensory needs. They set out to create a course where practitioners could feel confident supporting families across a range of issues, and be able to support a family holistically.

This program has grown from an idea, to an internationally renowned program that seeks to challenge the mainstream narrative, and provide responsive, gentle sleep support to parents! They combined their extensive experience, passion and expertise when it comes to parenting, education and marketing and have to date trained thousands of professionals across the world.


Is this program

right for you?

The Holistic Sleep Coaching Program is a good fit if…

You are tired of all the cookie-cutter strategies out there and you want to support families with sleep in a way that promotes gentle, responsive practices and protects the parent, child relationship.

You are able to commit to complete the course and understand that learning is a life-long process. 

You are committed to implementing evidence based practice

You want to build a business that is invested in families’ wellness, in a way that goes beyond just sleep. 

The Holistic Sleep Coaching Program is not good fit if…

You are not willing to invest 4 hours a week of learning at this time. 

You are not willing to put aside mainstream sleep training and be open minded. 

If you are looking for a few quick strategies to support families with sleep.

You want to provide a range of strategies including non responsive strategies.


All this for just .....

Standard Package
Starts in Mar 2021

from £ 183
  • The standard course program includes:
  • 16 x core modules
  • 36 CERP's
  • Weekly live group coaching calls
  • All calls are time-stamped and recorded
  • Weekly guest speakers
  • Members community
  • Marketing accelerator week

Upgrade to Premium

from £ 224
  • Get all the Holistic Sleep Coaching
  • member benefits plus...
  • 2 x 90 minute coaching
  • calls with Lyndsey
  • 2 x 90 minute coaching
  • calls with Emma
  • (value £500 each)

So you know you are in great hands...

This course is so needed. It is a welcome alternative to other courses using much more gentle methods without the need to leave the baby to cry, which is unacceptable to many families. It incorporates small changes to routine and environment which can make a big difference to sleep. It is very adaptable to each family’s situation. I will certainly be incorporating these ideas in my work with twin and triplet families.

Kathryn Stagg

IBCLC, Breastfeeding Twins and Triplets UK Group

The Holistic Sleep Coaching Program is a comprehensive training program for practitioners seeking in depth knowledge of infant sleep and related topics. The content is evidence-based and includes guest lectures from well-known experts in these fields.

Professor Helen Ball

Lecturer in Anthropology at Durham University, Director of the Parent-Infant Sleep Lab, Co-Director of Infant Sleep Information Source, Chair of the Scientific Committee – Lullaby Trust

The course is supported by a sound evidence base of up-to-date literature. I would thoroughly recommend this course to any professional wishing to update their training on how to support parents with normal infant sleep.

Dr Amy Brown

Associate Professor of Child Public Health, Swansea University

The Holistic Sleep Coaching Program in an innovative and refreshing approach for those seeking to refine their sleep skill-set, encompassing a broad range of essential topics which impact a child’s healthy sleep habits.

Rozanne Hay

International Association of Child Sleep Consultants UK Representative

I was looking for a thorough, scientific and evidence-based course, and that's how I found the Holistic Sleep Coaching Program. The course really met my expectations regarding evidence-based knowledge and education.
All the tutors are absolute specialists in their field of expertise, and it's wonderful being part of a worldwide community and receive ongoing professional education too. 

Consuela Hendricks

Child Psychologist & Holistic Sleep Coach

Prior to working as a Sleep Coach I worked in the City, however, after the birth of my child I really wanted to do something that meant something more to me! I learned so much during this course about sleep, and also on the business side of things (which I wasn't expecting)! I've now been able to promote my business in a way that attracts the right clients for me which is amazing.

Isadora Ambrose

Sleep Coach and Parent Educator

Our risk-free 14-day money-back guarantee!

We are deeply committed to supporting you in your journey supporting parents and their children with sleep. We want you to feel comfortable with your investment – so we offer a 14-day money-back guarantee. If you join and within 14 days decide the program isn’t right for you, then you can request a full refund and we wish you well for the future. We are confident that you will love the course and we are very excited at the opportunity to support you and be part of your journey!

Frequently Asked Questions

Modules vary in size but we estimate that each module takes approximately 4-6 hours to complete. This amounts to over 100 hours of study. You have lifetime access to the content.

You are also required to complete the written assessment consisting of essay based questions in order to receive the Level 6 OCN Holistic Sleep Coaching accreditation.

Currently there is no set industry ‘qualification’ that qualifies you to be a sleep consultant. This means that after any sleep course, you could technically call yourself a sleep coach / sleep consultant / sleep nanny etc…

The benefit of completing the Holistic Sleep Coaching Program is that you can complete an in depth 16 week training program, which is delivered by leading specialists in the field. This enables you to feel confident that you are receiving the best possible information and guidance that will put you in the best position to help you in your work supporting families.

The accreditation through Open College Network, enables students to feel confident that teaching and marking standards are upheld, through the rigorous internal and external verification processes that take place.

The live webinar sessions will take place on Wednesday evenings @ 8pm (UK time) and the recorded version will be available 24 hrs afterwards, which means if you miss a session you will always be able to catch up.

We know that not everyone likes being on social media! However, we love to create a hub where we can all interact as a group and get to know each other. In fact, graduates often say that they love having a place where they can connect.

If you have booked the premium option you receive 2 x 90 minute sessions with both Lyndsey and Emma. When you book the course we do offer the option to add a 1 hour session with either Lyndsey or Emma for an additional fee.

Both Lyndsey and Emma are always in the community to answer your questions, so you will always feel like you are getting personal support.

You don't need to have completed a sleep course or need to have worked with families prior to completing the Holistic Sleep Coaching Program!

For good reason. 

The Holistic Sleep Coaching Program is the most comprehensive sleep coaching program available internationally. 

You will be coached by Lyndsey Hookway, who has written THE book on Holistic Sleep Coaching. 

Emma knows what it takes to build and scale a business, and has supported hundreds of individuals and agencies to build programs and market them.

This isn’t just information, we are giving you a 360 degree training experience, because you are getting our most up to date strategies, and access to over 25 renowned experts in the parenting and marketing field.

We give you the practical strategies. plus the hand holding coaching experience, which doesn't just end after the 16 weeks. In fact, we provide life time access to our course materials (which are regularly updated) and ongoing quarterly continued professional development sessions.  

This is not just a 16 week program, this is about you making an impact, with global specialists and a passionate community by your side.