Becky Chow

Before I was a mom, when there was conversation about babies, I would say that to teach babies to sleep we just need to leave them to cry for a few nights and then they will get it.

How much the main stream sleep training industry had creeped into our lives!

Having my little one made me realize how much children are learning and going through everyday. I believe they should be supported with love and responsiveness to get through their steep learning curve, day or night. Every baby is unique. Whatever works for them is good. Every parent is unique, Whatever works for the family is good.

If you find things difficult and need help, I will be working with you together to find ways to make your struggles easier, yet still be responsive to your little one. We will be looking at different aspects of your daily life because it’s more than just about sleep.

Holistic Sleep Coaching OCN Level 6

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