Lisa Gargaro

Holistic Sleep Consultancy is my number 1 passion. It’s in my belief of infants and small children being vulnerable, that I feel they deserve our best. As parents, we also discover vulnerability in us –  our children. With this in the forefront of my mind, I only offer respectful, honest and holistic choices for your family. Family centred care is what I am 100% passionate about.  Gentle parenting based around holistic wellness, nutrition, breastfeeding and sleep. My Holistic Sleep Consultation is the conclusion of everything I’m interested in, while being proudly geeky about it. In short, my holistic approach recognises that babies are usually completely normal in their behaviours, finding we touch on all their needs, psychological, emotional, relational, and not just their physical. I therefore find leaving them to cry does nothing for these needs. Added to which it also stresses parents out! Supporting families is what I love, being able to meet lots of new people. Helping them feel better is what I love most, with the bonus of it including people having more sleep, why am I so pleased this occurs? It delights me most of all is seeing parents feeling calmer & confident in their parenting, and it is coming from them being able to understand their child, the child’s needs, and themselves. If you’re interested in myself help support your family or your own sleep gently, holistically, and with scientific backing, then I’d love to hear from you!


OCN Level 6 Holistic Sleep Coaching Program

Area covered:

England, Scotland, Cyprus