Nadia Edwards

My approach is based around a parenting by connection concept and draws on my training with Hand in Hand Parenting, my work as an Early Learning and Childcare Practitioner, Relax Kids and Baby Mindful coach and the continued Degree currently being studied. I hold two main certifications in sleep coaching my first as a Certified Sleep Sense™ Consultant and my most recent as an Accredited Holistic Sleep Coach. I offer strategies based on connection and attachment, tuning into your child’s needs and natural rhythms. What is super important to me is that I give you practical ways for better sleep after figuring out the cause of ‘poor’ sleep. When you work with me, we move towards a fun and relaxing bedtime routine, boosting connection, happily sleeping at night and taking long restful naps, I coach you how to make these changes and very much work towards your sleep goals not mine.


• BA (hons) Child and Youth Studies (2nd year)
• HNC Childhood Practice (Early Learning & Childcare)
• Holistic Sleep Coaching Accreditation (OCN London Level 4)
• Babyem Advanced Sleep Coaching (OCN London Level 4)
• Hand in Hand Parenting, Professionals Intensive Course

Areas Covered:

Home Visits – Yes
Online – Yes

Central Scotland