From Inconsistent to Fully Booked: Master the 10 Essential Steps to Building a Successful Holistic Sleep Consultancy in Less Than a Year

Plus a real-life example of how one of our graduates was able to 10x her income, create an impact, and grow an international business as a sleep consultant using these steps.

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Speaking From Experience…

Welcome, we’re Lyndsey and Emma, the founders of the Holistic Sleep Coaching Program.

You’re passionate about gentle, evidence-based sleep solutions and eager to enhance your skills to support families holistically. Our mission is to empower you, transforming your dedication into a successful sleep consultancy business.

Lyndsey, with her experience as a paediatric nurse, researcher, author, mentor, and international speaker, has dedicated her career to supporting thousands of families worldwide. Emma, after a successful career in marketing with global brands, founded Babyem, an international childcare training agency. She has helped industry specialists to scale their businesses online to multiple 6 figures and also runs a coaching program helping sleep specialists scale their impact online.

We are passionate about teaching and absolutely love seeing people – just like you – create freedom for themselves, while making an impact in the world supporting families in a way that never goes against parental instincts.

Discover the 10 Essential Steps to Become a Thriving Responsive Sleep Consultant in Less Than a Year.

These sleep strategies have been designed to ensure you really get to the root of sleep challenges within families, providing a compassionate, individually tailored, evidence-based approach.


Learn how to support parent-child connection, and also connect with parents as you foster trusting relationships built on credibility and integrity.


We reveal the importance of understanding the context of sleep in a holistic way, ruling out wider problems, referring on, and identifying the root cause.


Discover how the science of sleep and regulation is the key to transformational change, and why prioritising evidence-based practice is so important.

So what’s the point of taking a holistic approach?

Thinking about sleep in a narrow way, merely focusing on a few specific sleep tools limits your capacity as a sleep consultant. To really understand what’s going on and drive through meaningful change that sticks with families and improves their quality of life, you need to utilise a holistic approach.

To us, ‘holistic’ isn’t just a buzz word – it’s a proven approach that considers sleep in a multifactorial and inter-connected way, enabling you to support families with complexity, as well as zeroing in on strategies that address the underlying cause.

Attachment Focused

Every piece of advice we give is woven with the principles of attachment theory, ensuring a nurturing, responsive approach to sleep coaching. Our commitment is to foster secure connections without compromising on responsiveness. Ready to embrace gentle, effective strategies?


We understand that sleep solutions that focus solely on the child miss the bigger picture. That's why our approach is holistic, considering the dynamics and well-being of the entire family. Discover how integrating the needs of every family member can transform sleep challenges into success. Interested in a more inclusive approach?


In the world of sleep coaching, trust is everything. Parents depend on you for advice that's not only practical but proven. We equip you with scientifically-backed strategies that reinforce your credibility and enhance your reputation. Are you ready to build your practice on a foundation of reliable, research-driven knowledge?

Developmentally Appropriate

Understanding the natural development of children is key to setting realistic sleep expectations. We'll guide you through the intricacies of development stages and biological norms, ensuring your sleep coaching methods are both supportive and appropriate. Want to learn how to align your practices with developmental insights?

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Claire Fair

Sleep Coach

"Despite being an active sleep consultant, I lacked confidence in my abilities, having already completed two certifications that didn't quite equip me. The Holistic Sleep Coaching Program changed everything. It not only provided the knowledge I desperately needed but also instilled a strong sense of confidence in my consulting skills. Now, I feel empowered and fully capable of supporting families effectively, which has transformed not just my career but our entire family life."

Karla Legg

Public Health Nurse & Sleep Coach

"Transitioning from a hospital setting to sleep consulting was a leap into the unknown, but my passion for empowering families drove me. Through the Holistic Sleep Coaching Program, I went from having 6 clients in 6 months to 6 clients in a week, with a waitlist. This journey has transformed my approach and confidence, allowing me to boldly challenge myths and engage deeply on social media. My success caught me by surprise—it’s been an incredible rise, changing not just my career but also making me happier than ever."

Lucy Bagwell

Sleep Coach

"After deciding to re-evaluate my career, I launched my sleep consulting business in the August. By year's end, I was fully booked, and now I'm booking clients one to two months in advance. This course has been transformative; it not only provided me with a deep understanding of biological sleep principles but also equipped me with real tools to offer a truly bespoke service. I've become a genuine holistic sleep consultant that's able to truly support a wide range of clients.”

Rachael Taylor

Sleep Coach

"Having previously completed other sleep courses, I found myself still searching for the depth of knowledge necessary to fully support my clients. That changed with the Holistic Sleep Coaching Program. This course delved into comprehensive areas that others simply overlooked. Thanks to this training, I now possess the extensive expertise required to meet the complex needs of the families I work with, setting my practice apart from the rest."

Master the 10 Essential Steps to Become a Thriving Responsive Sleep Consultant in Less Than a Year

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