Christina Lubrano

Hello! I am Christina Lubrano – a holistic sleep coach and gentle sleep educator, as well as a mom of three! I help exhausted parents get the rest they need with age appropriate and evidence-based strategies.

My journey with sleep started with my first born and the lack of sleep we had for almost 3 years. I remember the feeling of being hopeless. Not knowing what to do about our sleepless nights but also wanting to follow my gut and not leave him to just cry.

Learning that sleep is so much more than just sleep and that we can use attachment and connection to facilitate a long healthy relationship with sleep really opened my eyes and I saw the results bloom with my little ones. I love sharing this knowledge with the families I support and just simply providing guidance and tools they need to arrive at their goals in a way that they love.

I am fluent in both English and Italian. I love to offer a free 15 minute call to get to know you and provide you with the first steps to get your family the rest you all need!

• Holistic Sleep Coach OCN Level 6
• Certified Infant Sleep Educator
• Certified Pediatric Sleep & Parenting Consultant
• Neufeld Institute Certificate for Intensive I: Making Sense of Kids

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