Consuela Hendriks

Consuela is a child healthcare psychologist, a remedial educationalist and EMDR-therapist with > 20 years of experience in childrens’ health care. As a mom of 3, she dealt with sleep problems of her children due to GORD (reflux), allergies and developmental disabilities. She specialised in the area of sleep (science), followed several educational courses focussed on sleep and amongst other titles is now a certified Holistic Sleep Coach, the first in the Netherlands, where she’s located. She offers holistic and gentle sleep coaching for families and does this in a practical yet evidence-based way. She offers both remote and face-to-face consultations.



• Child Healthcare Psychologist (Gz-psycholoog)

• Remedial Educationalist (Orthopedagoog)

• EMDR- therapist

• Holistic Sleep Coach OCN level 5

• Certified Baby and Child Sleep-Consultant (Dutch training)

Area covered:

The Netherlands


Chosen location