Emily McInnes

Hello! My name is Emily. I am a paediatric nurse and holistic sleep coach. I have over ten years experience in the healthcare setting and I want to use my skills, knowledge and expert advice to support you, your child and the rest of your family.

I have always had a passion for caring for babies and young children and the study of children’s sleep is something that has always been of interest to me.

I have realised that children’s sleep is much more complex than I anticipated and now that I have gained a deeper insight into this complex but fascinating area, I can see how and why so many people need help and support to understand their child’s sleep habits to differentiate what is normal for their age and stage of development and what needs a little bit of TLC.

I would love to support you with your child’s sleep coaching journey.

OCN Level 6 in Holistic Sleep Coaching

Area Covered
South London





South London
United Kingdom

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