Louisa Brandenburger

I’ve been an IBCLC for 10+ years, working almost seven years of those in a busy, non-profit, and have had the privilege to interact with many families in the Philadelphia area. After their breastfeeding concerns, these families are most concerned with sleep, and most often, the lack of it by either their baby or themselves. I’ve given countless “words of wisdom” and suggestions, but what better way to truly serve these families and support their journey into parenthood, than by learning appropriate sleep expectations and gentle baby sleep strategies. My goal is to preserve the breastfeeding relationship between parent and baby, while assisting each family with an individualized plan for appropriate sleep, without using the “cry it out” method, that can be so hard on parents and babies alike. I firmly believe that offering a gentle approach will benefit the entire family.

I offer one-on-one consultations, either in our office locations (Abington and King of Prussia Pennsylvania) or Virtual visit.


IBCLC, Holistic Sleep Coach

Areas Covered:

Home visits – No
Online – Yes