Maisie Ruttan

Hello there! I’m Maisie, a Holistic Sleep & Wellness Coach. I help tired parent’s just like you, who are feeling overwhelmed and exhausted. I do this by supporting you to gently improve your child’s sleep. But really, I do so much more than get your child sleeping! I use a holistic and integrative approach that prioritizes attachment, intuitive parenting and even your overall mental wellness. This helps you to build the skills needed to parent confidently not just at night, but during the day too. My goal is to move you past the fatigue, tears and frustration and get you back to enjoying life with your child!
Those issues can include, easing your prenatal fears, and helping you navigate the early newborn days, through to nap transitions, early rising, night waking and the dreaded 20 minute naps, all the way to the bedtime ‘battles’ that become so common as children age. Plus more…
My background is in Psychology and Nursing, having spent many years Counselling parents and families with sleep, stress, behaviour and parenting challenges. But I am also a parent of twin boys. I’ve been there. Heck, I am still there some days! I get how hard it can be, how exhausting it can be.
Which leads me to the best part about working with me! If you’re not feeling rested once we get your kids sleeping better…then, I can help with that too! I am trained to work with anyone, at any age who is struggling with sleep.
So, are you ready to get the whole family sleeping, feeling, and living better!?
Email me to book a free 15-minute discovery call at hello@maisieruttan.com


• BA Degree (honors) Psychology
• Diploma in Psychiatric Nursing
• Accredited Holistic Sleep Coach OCN Level 6
• Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia
• Certified Infant Sleep Educator

Area covered:

Port Alberni, Canada



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