Mia Bernscherer Bjørnfort

Holistic evidence based infant feeding- and sleep counsellor​ | Co-chair and spokesperson for Sleeping Children, a Danish non profit NGO.

For the past several years, I have specialized in and blogged about infant feeding, the many challenges of parenthood, the need for parental care and support in the early years of parenting as well as infant and children’s sleep.

I have supported more than a 1000 families with feeding, transitioning to solids, weaning, attachment, and sleep, as well as the many challenges parents face in the early years of parenting.

I have vast experience with sleep training, postpartum depression and anxiety, in combination with high need and/or unsettled, fussy, crying babies.

I focus on the importance of parental empowerment and self-efficacy, ensuring parents are well aware of the importance of sensitive response – all while supporting parent in caring for themselves as well.

Main author of:
Lassen, M.-S. & Bjørnfort, M.B. (2020). Study of guidance and practice in relation to child sleep and sleep training in Denmark, Greenland and the Faroe Islands.

Education, courses and conferences:​
– Ammenet​ (DK)
– La Leche League​ (DK & International)
– Normal Infant Sleep, Baby Sleep Info Source (UK)
– SIDS and Sleep Safety, Baby Sleep Info Source (UK)​
– Holistic Sleep Coaching, BabyEm (UK​)
– Tongue-tie and Infant Feeding, BabyEm (UK)
– Neuroprotective Developmental Care (NDC) Program for Providers and Educators, The Possum Clinic
– Tongue Tie Conference, Gold Lactation (USA)​
– Sleeposium Conference 2020 & 2021, Child Sleep Institute (USA)​

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