Reut Brosh

A lactation counselor and holistic sleep coach from Israel.

I have more than ten years of experience in working with parents, babies and infants as a lactation counselor.

I work to empower parents with full respect and gentleness to them and to their child.
As a sleep coach I am very responsible, realistic and holistic. Helping without harming your child’s growth or confidence and security.

I work with all parents and all children, emphasizing the unique parental way for each one rather than giving a generic solution. In doing so I bring into the world my deep insight that the correct paths to raising children are infinite, derived from the uniqueness of each human being.

My wish is to bring a gentle professional alternative to the Israely sleep training world.

Lactation counselor
Holistic Sleep Coach Level 6

Areas covered:
All of Israel by phone, and in my clinic face to face.


holisticsleepcoachingprogram https://www.youtube.com/@HolisticSleepCoaching