Yekaterina Graf

Like many others, my journey started from a dark place of depression. That resulted in a deep interest in developmental psychology and somatic experience, especially in early childhood.

When I became a mom myself, I encountered many challenges and triggers, and I needed help. My search for the right help led me to the holistic sleep program that was finally a perfect asset to my knowledge as it creates perspective to a family as a whole system and allows support at the exact right place. So the decision was natural to turn my side practice into my profession and specialise more clearly.

So I’m thrilled, and delighted yo have joined the HSP Family and be able to support even more families during these most precious and challenging times.

Warm greetings,


OCN Level 6 Holistic Sleep Coach
Naturopath for psychotherapy (specialised in developmental psycology and somatic experience)
Body worker;
Dance teacher for Zouk

Areas Covered
Leipzig, Germany